Umarex Smith & Wesson M29 3″ CO2 Revolver


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Umarex Smith & Wesson M29 3″ CO2 Revolver ( 2.6449)

A piece of history, the grandfather of all Magnum revolvers, a classic – the Smith & Wesson M29 has been described in many ways. Thanks to a striking design and high quality, all the models bearing this name have made it onto the silver screen besides being put to their intended use.

The 6 mm CO₂-powered version of this icon of the 1960s comes in full metal with high-gloss bluing and a choice of three barrel lengths. True to the original, it takes six brass-colored metal shells, each loaded with a steel BB. Fired by a single/double action trigger, the BBs leave the barrel with a maximum muzzle energy of two joules. The 8 3/8″ version offers the additional advantage of a longer sight line. The rear sight of all versions is adjustable in elevation and windage. The shoot-up is also adjustable. A piercing tool for the 12 g CO₂ cartridge is housed in the grip for easy access.

Technical data
Energy level (E₀) < 2.0 J
Caliber 6 mm BB
Power Source 1x 12 g CO₂
Magazine capacity 6 rounds
Safety Sliding Safety
Length 222 mm
Weight 1010 g
Recommended BBs 0,20 g
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