WE TTI Shoot-Through Chronograph

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WE TTI Shoot-Through Chronograph – Micro USB Rechargeable

Would like to know how fast your weapon is shooting to check you meet your sites FPS limits? You require a specialised device to do that and what better tool than the WE TTI Shoot-Through Chronograph for airsoft BB’s.

It’s simple to make use of and able to measure meters per second, feet per second, joules and rounds per minute. All you need to do is put it on the setting you require and shoot through the opening in the front.

The backlit LED screen is large and easy to read for indoor or outdoor use both day and night. The chronograph can also be mounted on a tripod.

Created to determine the speed and energy of an airsoft BB shot.

Very large, simple to read LED screen
Appropriate for indoor and outside use
Can be used even in bad weather conditions and in the evening

Integrated Ni-MH rechargeable battery
Energy conserving (switches off after 2 minutes of idleness).
Determining range: V0 20 m/s to 150 m/s.
Computes energy after input of BB weight.
Tripod thread: 1/4″.

The determination of the energy is carried out in “Joules” (by the choice of the specific weight of the BBs).

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