WEAirsoft EU19 Pistol Gen 5 GBB MOS (Modular Optic System)


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WEAirsoft EU19 Pistol Gen 5 GBB MOS (Black)

WE’s airsoft version of the Model 19 is a smaller version of the Model 17.  Larger capacity mags are offered should you feel the requirement.

This model includes the Modular Optic System slide for fitting the scope of your choice. The gun comes with a dummy RMR sight as shown in the pictures, THIS IS NON FUNCTIONAL AND NEEDS TO BE REPLACED WITH AN RMR OF YOUR CHOICE.

The EU19 gun replica is a version of the legendary Austrian pistol. Due to the comfortable pistol grip the gun sits perfectly in the hand, while the beautifully weighted trigger guarantees a sure grip while operating the handgun. Similar to in the original firearm, the iron aiming sights are well visible allowing to provide fire in low-light conditions. This model is outfitted with a safety catch situated in the trigger.

The replica made by WE is made of resilient polymer and metal with 20mm rail for laser or tac-light. Thanks to using a steel slide and also steel slide guides the replica is hard wearing and durable as well as realistic looking. The gun is furnished with a superb blow-back system which enhances the realism of shots.

The gun comes with two additional pistol grip panels enabling the user to adjust the handle size to perfectly fit the ergonomics of the shooter’s hand and, therefore, raise accuracy and comfort.

General changes to the G-Series Gen. 5 models – WE Airsoft has of course adopted the most important changes of the 5th generation.

The front edges of the slide are now rounded. This should help getting the pistol faster in the holster. The G-Series Gen. 5 stands out especially due to its ambidextrous controls. This gives them a slide catch that can be operated from both sides.

The set includes:

– the gun.
– a magazine.
– additional pistol grip profiling covers.
– RMR plates and dummy sight

FPS Approx 320 FPS

Weight 129.99 kg

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