WELL MB03 VSR High Power Sniper Rifle


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Don’t let the colour put you off, this sniper is a serious bit of kit with an average power of over 480 FPS and full VRS compatibility! This is certainly not just your run of the mill BB gun.

The famous VSR-11 is the most popular format airsoft sniper because of its upgrade options and build strength – the VSR-11 has an extremely recognisable form similar to a traditional hunting rifle and the lengthy barrel means great accuracy over long distances.

The VSR range of airsoft rifles are the most commonly upgraded sniper rifles around – springs, pistons, trigger sears and hop-up units are all standard fitment with tons of upgrade paths available.

Considering the weapon costs less than £100 this really is one of the best value for money airsoft rifles we have. You are essentially getting a weapon that can easily contend with the higher priced snipers for a fraction of the price.

We know a few folk who can legally buy a black rifle but instead get one of these and either paint or camo wrap it as its such a great performing sniper!


Action: Spring Action Sniper Rifle
FPS: 460-490
Magazine: 28 Round BBs
Range: 63m
Spin Up: Adjustable
Sniper Style
Fully Metal Barrel
Full Stock
Length: 1150mm


MB03 Sniper Rifle
Speed Loader
Barrel Cleaning Rod
Allen Keys
Small Bag Of BBs

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