Well MB06B sniper rifle replica (with bipod and scope)


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Well MB06B sniper rifle replica (with bipod and scope)

Constructed from metal and plastic, the snipers body, stock and magazine holding 20 BB pellets are made of plastic. The remainder of the elements such as the barrel, the bolt, the stock’s pipeline, the cocking mechanism, the trigger and the 22mm RIS rail are made from metal.

The ergonomic body is made of durable polymer. The comfortable handgun grip and the stock mean the weapon is easy to handle for long periods of time and firing it is extremely comfortable. The stock is adjustable with the aid of pads and permits the operator to take a comfortable position by adjusting its length appropriately. The stock’s and pistol grip’s designs are obtained from the ranges existing in many carbines and attack rifles meaning they can easily be changed whenever the user finds it needed.

There is a mount situated on the bottom part of the body which allows to mount the bipod which is included with the set and which ensures a better stability while shooting.

This is a Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle, which means it’s powered by a spring and needs to be cocked for each shot. It’s fast, clean, economical and easily maintained; it requires no gas or batteries to operate. Likewise, Spring Airsoft Guns are the toughest, most resilient of all Airsoft Weapons, because they’re made with fewer breakable pieces. If you’re looking for a dependable Airsoft Sniper Rifle that’ll look fantastic and carry out the job even better, this is for you.

Velocity [FPS]: ~400

The set consists of:

– the rifle.
– a 20 round mag.
– a speed-loader.
– a set of tools.
– a rifle scope.
– a bipod.

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