Z-Tactical BM IV Headset (Tan)

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With its New double sided Adjustable design for left or right side wearing of both the harness and the mic. The the Z – tactical BM IV makes for a great low profile comfortable headset.

Weather it is sitting under your helmet, over a baseball cap or bare head. The adjustable straps gives the BM IV a stable and comfortable fit Perfect for use through long days. this also gives It the ability to be used by all sizes without causing irritation.

The BM IV gives a crisp and well balanced clarity through the head set with the fully adjustable mic having no trouble picking up the users voice when attempting to make contact.
As an additional feature the Z – Tactical BM IV is also compatible with the throat mic adapter as an optional purchase.

Fully Compatible with the Z – Tactical PTT ( Not included )

Air duct headphones design, lightweight and comfortable, does not affect the hearing
Adjustable length to fit your head size
Apply to any ZTAC series PTT
Adjustable Harness
Boom mic with movable arm
Open type earpiece with cushion
Adjustable elastic strap with Velcro for comfort wearing.
Single-sided design
Foam-padded ear cushion
Compatible with all Z-Tactical PTTS series accessories
Low Profile, fits under helmets and hats
Use an in-ear-monitor type earpiece so you can still hear ambient noises
Flexable Microphone, Standard Military Version Plug
Adjustable strap
With New Military Standard Plug