Enola Gaye

Enola Gaye Pyrotechnics for Paintball and Airsoft, which include Smoke Grenades, Frag Grenades, Thunderflashes and paint grenades.

World Famous

Enola Gaye Smoke Grenades are the most widely used and popular coloured smoke products for commercial use in the world.

Designed in the UK

All products are designed in house by a team of experts in the UK, coupled with strict quality control and test criteria means unbeatable performance.

Easy & Safe to Use

Designed so that they are simple to operate, require no training and are safe to use.

Low Heat Formula

Designed with a composition which produces no external flame and prevents the casing getting too hot.

Easy Ignition

Easy to operate and labeled with clear operating instructions. No training needed…Simple.

Superb Quality Control

Enola Gaye products are CE tested and surpass all quality testing for the European market. They have approvals for use in America and Canada.

Enola Gaye rules of use and supply.

Where can products be used?

Products Must only be used in areas where you have permission to use them. On private land this would be the land owner. If it is public land this will be the local authority. Wherever they are used, it must be in areas where there is no risk of causing concern to the public. If used in public places, approval from the local authorities and emergency services must be sought before use.

Our products must only be used where people can move away freely and easily from the smoke / noise produced. We do not recommend that smoke or noise-based products are used indoors, confined spaces, crowded spaces or anywhere which prohibits a person’s ability to move away from the smoke or noise.

It is illegal in the UK to use any pyrotechnics including Enola Gaye smokes in football grounds, sports venues, pubic highways, nightclubs, festivals regardless of any permissions given by the organisers. We do not condone or promote the use of Enola Gaye pyrotechnics at any of these or similar venues.

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