The United Kingdom Airsoft Players Union. Free to join – help protect the sport you love.

Arnies Airsoft (

One of the best UK Airsoft information sites out there. Loads of useful articles, reviews and the latest in Airsoft news, check it out.

Airsoft Map (

This website lists all the major Airsoft playing sites in the UK, a very useful resource.

NL.Airsoft (

Another good European Airsoft news site.

Airsoft Forum (

AirsoftForum is an Airsoft & MILSIM discussion board where you can find answers and meet other interesting people.

Airsoft Society (

International Airsoft community discussion forum. Everything under the sun Airsoft from Guns to Mil-sim discussion plus Gallery, Reviews, Blogs and Links.


The world’s largest and busiest military marketplace for Military Vehicles, Militaria, Deactivated Weapons, Services and Surplus Military Equipment.


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