Airtech Studios BEU Battery Extension Unit Tan (Ares Honey Badger)


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Airtech Studios BEU Battery Extension Unit Tan (Ares Honey Badger AM-013/014/015)

One of the main issues encountered with the Honey Badger is the limited battery spacing to operate conventional sized LiPo batteries to endure a long-lasting skirmish event.

By offering additional spacing inside the compartment, the Battery Extension Unit (BEU) is designed specifically to relieve all stresses on the Honey Badgers components, while protecting it throughout to extend its durability. There are vents on each side of the BEU to maintain a constant flow of air to the battery and components to prevent a buildup of heat.

The BEU is designed to fit beautifully with the Honey Badgers original design by sitting seamlessly inside the stock compartment with no modification needed to install. Made of strong, flexible nylon that is resistant to BB impact and rough handling.

    • Drop In Upgrade for the ARES AM-013/014/015 Honey Badger


    • Clips on to the back of the Battery Compartment


    • Designed to hold larger batteries


    • Tough Polymer Design to withstand Shock and Impact


    • Extra Storage Space for Batteries


    • Still allows the use of the Amoeba Sliding Stock


    • Thick wall design to match the Amoeba’s original Battery Compartment


    Caters for batteries up to 1.8cm x 4.0cm x 13.5cm in size


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