AK 47 Metal Mid-Cap magazine


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Metal Mid-cap Magazine AK 74 90 rounds For use in all brands of AK
For 6mm BB Pellets only.
Compatible with all AK Series of Airsoft AEG.

Mid-Cap Care

Remember ! To maintain performance and lifetime of your mid-cap magazines you should follow a few simple rules :

1. When you first use the new magazines, do not fill them completely.
2. First, lubricate the magazine using a small amount of silicone oil , then :
– Load the magazine with 10 BBs, then release the lock and remove them all.
– Load the magazine with 20 BBs, then release the lock and remove them all.
– Repeat this action gradually increasing the number of BB’s until they reach full capacity. And then repeat the entire process again several more times.
3. You should also remember to go back to regular maintenance using silicone oil .
4. Note – when magazines are unused, they must not be left loaded with pellets! This leads to excessive wear of the spring and the whole dispenser.

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