A&K 870 Full Metal Tactical Pump Action Shotgun

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This well constructed A&K shotgun is a first for airsoft in the UK & Europe after having great success in America. It has a complete metal body providing it a good weight and strong durable feel, something you simply cannot get with plastic weapons. This magazine fed shotgun is single shot so whenever you pull the trigger one BB flies out, and boy does it fly! The performance is incredible offering precision and variety to match AEG’s.

The complete EBR Style stock will allow you to stable your goal in the heat of battle giving you the capability to make every shot fast and simple.

This is a spring shotgun and the slide needs to be cocked for each shot. It requires no gas or batteries to run. Due to this feature, the expenses of spring guns are significantly lower, along with upkeep. They are the most long lasting of all airsoft guns since they have less pieces that can break. Spring weapons are really dependable, cost effective and great looking weapons.

Full Metal Pump action shotgun and leading RIS rail, it has a modular stock design with a 6 point retraction (full metal of course). In addition to full metal construction, integrated pistol grip, and integrated rail system, this A&K shotgun is comfy to carry thanks to its retractable rear stock.

Made from mainly metal
Adjustable extending EBR design stock
Rock strong design, little to no movement
Leading 20mm RIS rail (for connecting sights and scopes).
Basic cocking and trigger pull action.
Intergrated sling loops.


– 1:1 Scale.

– Full Metal Body.

– Full Metal Magazine.

– Full Metal Tactical Stock.

– 6 Point Retractable.

– approx 380 FPS

– 255mm Barrel Length.

– 20 Round Magazine.

– Integrated Sling Loops.

– 3.2 Kilo’s in Weight.

– 724mm in Length.

– 902mm in Length when Stock Retracted.

– Single Shot.

– Built in Rail.

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