ASG Hybrid Series H-15 CQB, M95, AEG



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ASG Hybrid Series H-15 CQB, M95, AEG

Introducing the H-15 AEG CQB M95 rifle, the first in our unique Hybrid series, we were able to transfer the famous performance of the Scorpion EVO from one of the most beloved airsoft platforms. A one-of-a-kind high-performance rifle is born from the combination of proven and tested internals with a sleek, aggressive assault rifle body.

Like a genuine assault weapon, this one has metal and polymer parts. The collapsible buttstock, magazine and pistol-grip of this rifle are crafted from high-strength polymer while all other components, from its chassis to its barrel, trigger and rail are comprised of durable metal. Looking more closely at these parts, we can see that it has a Retro Arms trigger, a PTS EPG-C pistol grip, and a HERA ARMS CCS buttstock, among many other high-end items. Furthermore, this outstanding rifle comes with our very own ASG custom M-Rail handguard, which lets the user personalise it with attachments. The package also include a 180-round midcap magazine.

It has all the fantastic internals of the EVO plus some very remarkable extras on the inside. An electronic trigger device with an integrated Mosfet lets the user programme the firing modes of the replica. Safe, single fire, burst fire, and full auto are the four modes of this airsoft gun. Additionally, the ECU detects cycles and offers pre-cocking and Active Break, both of which are clever and self-adjusting. A rotary hop-up unit, a T-plug battery connector, a buffer tube-accessible quick-change spring guide. Hybrid H-15 is the result of these parts combining the legendary EVO performance with the beautiful new AR body.

This particular version of the H-15 is designed specifically for CQB and as such features a more compact frame of only 660mm when the buttstock is fully collapsed and 750mm when the buttstock is extended. The user can swap the included flash-hider for a tracer unit for optimal CQB performance.

This new AEG from our Hybrid series is here, and we couldn’t be happier to bring it to the airsoft community. It has a terrific new body and delivers fantastic performance.

  • EVO performance in an AR body (using our proven internals from the EVO)
  • HERA ARMS CCS buttstock
  • PTS EPG-C pistol grip
  • ASG Custom M-Rail handguard
  • Retro Arms trigger
  • Electronic trigger unit
  • Quick change spring guide
  • Rotary hop-up unit
  • T-plug
  • Collapsible butt stock
  • Flash hider included in the box
  • Compact frame for CQB


Barrel Length:
Mag. Capacity:
180 Rounds
Standard mag:
Hop up type:
0,95 joule