ASG Ingram M11 (MAC-11) GBB


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(ASG) Ingram M11 Cobray GBB

The fully licensed Ingram M11 has both semi- and full-auto functions. The M11 features an adjustable metal stock, threads for optional silencer and swivel for sling/front strap mounting. The internals have been upgraded with the new system7 blowback. The double stacked magazine holds 40 BB’s which in full-auto mode will be emptied in a mere three seconds

This is a nasty little gun (that’s meant in the best possible way!), we’ve all heard that the little gas blowback SMGs are an absolute blast to use, however we hadn’t realised simply just how much fun these things can be. Firing the gun is an insane experience – there’s a sharp bbbbbbbbbbblert noise, the gun squirms in the hand like a little animal dying in convulsions, and the air is suddenly loaded with flying BBs – you’ll certainly be left with a massive childish grin on your face everytime you use it!

Enthusiastic use of full-auto exhausts a magazine in a few seconds due to the crazy rate of fire, the best method (well, the most entertaining method, at least) to fire the M11 is to hold it at the hip on the sling and simply watch where the shots are hitting. It’s a wonderful little gun, and well worth the cost of its massive hunger for BBs!


Length: 253mm Stock In, 450 mm Stock Extended
Barrel length: 132 mm
Mag. Capacity: 48 rounds
Hop Up Type: Adjustable
Velocity: 315fps
Weight: 1320 grams
Energy:0,9 Joule

Special Features:

•Heavy duty construction with polymer casing
•Functional cocking handle with realistic bolt movements
•Retractable shoulder stock
•Threaded barrel
•Semi and Full Auto selective fire
•Front sling loop
•Adjustable Hop-Up

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