Evolution URX3 M4 KAC Tan Lone Star Edition


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Evolution URX3 M4 KAC Tan Lone Star Edition

Evolution series are high end airsoft guns with Dytac aluminium RIS/RAS Systems. They all have a One piece outer barrel, innovative handle grip that allows to reach the motor without any tools, full metal Body with Original licensed Lone Star trademarks, unique serial number and Cerakote protective treatment. The gearbox is factory reinforced and include steel gear, 8mm bearings, piston with steel teeth and Standard Delayer for perfect shooting even at high speeds. With this gun you are ready to go out of the box !

On the receiver there is the Lone Star Tactical logo affixed to an exclusive license, while the external finish is in the beautiful Cerakote ™.
As usual vertical grip, retractable sights and picatinny slides are offered as standard, as well as the forged steel quick release spring guide accessible without having to extract the gearbox from the body and quick access to the engine without tools.
Cerakote ™
Thanks to their high ceramic content, Cerakote ™ finishing products improve the performance and reliability of the weapons they are applied to. As demonstrated by both laboratory tests and real use situations, these products far surpass other more conventional products available on the market today.
√ High corrosion resistance √ Better protection against rust
√ Maximum impact resistance √ Better resistance to scratches
√ Maximum hardness √ Excellent chemical resistance
√ Maximum adhesion √ Homogeneous finish
Lone Star Tactical ™
Lone Star Armory is a Texan manufacturer of firearms and precision that specializes in the construction of very attractive and reliable weapons, precise and versatile for professional and recreational use.
Evolution Airsoft ™
Italian company specialized in the production of Top end guns designed to satisfy the search for high quality products with excellent design.
General characteristics:
  • Full metal body.
  • Lone Star original logos under license.
  • Unique serial number.
  • Cerakote original anti-reflection and protective coating.
  • BR Style vertical front grip.
  • Retractable rear and front sighting notches.
  • Single piece external rod.
  • Innovative handle that allows you to reach the engine without any tools.
  • Reinforced gearbox.
  • Delayer as standard for a perfect retention of shot even at high speeds.
  • Radial ball bearings in 8 mm diameter steel.
  • Reinforced steel gears.
  • Hop Up ring nut in ABS perfect for low temperatures.
  • Gearbox with quick release spring guide accessible by removing only the calcium tube.
  • Piston with steel teeth.
  • High Torque engine.
  • Precision rod 6.01.

Feature :

  • Hop-Up with perfect ring for low temperatures
  • Gearbox with quick release spring guides (by removing only the stock tube !)
  • High torque motor
  • 6.01 Precision barrel
  • 120 rds Hexmag MID-CAP magazine with original license

Pack Include :

  • EVO M4 Carbine
  • MID-CAP magazine 120bb

Data sheet

Length mm:  800/880
Weight Kg:  2.4
Air nozzle:
High grade
Battery Plug:
Mini Tamiya
Body Pins with retention system:
Bushings and Bearings:
8mm ball bearings
Milled CNC
Cylinder head:
Gear set:
Reinforced with integrated slot for Mosfet and electronic trigger E.T.S.
Hop Up Chamber:
Rotary type
Inner Barrel:
Lone Star Tactical
130 BB Midcap
Mosfet & Electronics:
Mosfet ready, the gearbox has a slot to install the “Oversized Mosfet Unit” art.EA0160E
High torque
Motor Grip:
Tool Less Access
One Piece Outer Barrel:
Yes, cnc machined from billet
Reinforced with steel rack gear
Piston head:
Rail System:
Anodized CNC machined aluminum
Selector Plate:
High Grade
Spring guide:
Quick removable without removing the gearbox from the body
Tappet Plate:
High flow

PLEASE NOTE: Most quality airsoft guns do not come supplied with a battery or a charger.  On the rare occasion that they do have them included this is specifically mentioned in the product listing.   If they are included they are considered free gifts supplied by the manufacturer and cannot be returned if faulty. We recommend that when purchasing an airsoft gun you also purchase a new quality battery and charger for maximum reliability.

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