G&G Combat Machine AEG CM16 SR-L with ETU

Original price was: £309.99.Current price is: £289.99.


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G&G Combat Machine AEG CM16 SR-L with ETU £309.99 Original price was: £309.99.£289.99Current price is: £289.99.

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G&G Combat Machine AEG CM16 SR-L with ETU
£309.99 Original price was: £309.99.£289.99Current price is: £289.99.
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The latest development of the G&G Combat Machine line up takes all the basic functions that everyone loves from the Combat Machine line and enhances upon it by providing upgrades and modifications that are never ever seen at such a low cost, and done to an amazingly high quality level.

The G&G Combat Machine AEG CM16 SR-L assault with a 9 inch Keymod rail is part of the Combat Machine range aiming to deliver high quality airsoft guns at an unbeatable price. Combat Machine replicas are characteristic for their highest, distinctive of G&G products craftsmanship, reliability and high quality of materials used. The main factor that allows to reduce the price is the use of a high quality glass fibre reinforced polymer instead of metal.

Polymer parts include: the body, pistol grip, stock and muzzle device. Metal parts on the other hand include: the handguard, outer barrel, spring slide, latches and majority of small elements. The implemented top RIS rail allows for the attachment of any optical sight, whereas a multi-position stock, which holds the battery, allows for adjustment of the replica to the preferences of an individual user.

On the handguard the weapon features a Keymod system allowing for a wide range of aftermarket KeyMod parts to be added such as grips, bipods, torches and lasers. The rifle also features a full length 20mm top RIS Rail which is compatible with most sights and scopes.

It is equipped with an innovative ETU (Electronic Trigger Unit) system. The system completely replaces the connector cube and fully takes over the function of a MOSFET module. Due to electronic operation of the trigger, the system has gained a remarkable responsiveness to the trigger. Each pull results in a full operation cycle of the GB. The ETU system has the ability to program fire modes. The user by default has the access to SAFE – SEMI – FULL AUTO – 3 round burst modes. The programming process is simple – the user needs only to select the SEMI option and pull the trigger for 10 seconds. Once that is done, the third option of the fire mode selector will initiate the selected mode.


The G&G Combat Machine AEG CM16 SR-L has the new G&G “Electronic Trigger Unit” This can be configured to change in between fully automatic and 3 round burst, simply by holding the trigger down for 10 seconds. The E.T.U. has also been created to offer the gamer a much faster trigger response and to avoid trigger burn out.

It also includes a pre-programmed MOSFET chip to stop over discharge issues.


– 330 FPS (approx)

– Min Length: 715mm
– Max Length: 810mm

– Weight 2295 Grams

– Gear box bearing 8mm Ball Bearings

– Motor 25000rpm Hi-torque Long axis

– Inner Barrel Length 260mm

– Magazine 300 Rounds

– Material Stainless/Aluminum/Steel/ Nylon/Fiber.

CNC machined metal rail.
Ambidextrous magazine catch.
Non-slip textured selector switch.
Ambidextrous mock charging handle.
Integrated MOSFET.
Programmable full auto or 3 round burst capability.
6 position retractable GOS V3 stock.
Front and rear adjustable turn up sights.
Rear sling plate adapter for use with one-point slings.
Ergonomic motor grip.

Battery NOT included.

* G&G’s new ETU includes technology that will automatically stop the gun from operating if it detects the battery voltage is too low. Once you disconnect the battery it will likely still operate in guns without this technology, as those products will allow the battery to drain completely flat. This means when using a G&G gun with ETU, your battery must be fully charged or the automatic cut off feature will kick in. This feature is designed to protect your battery as well as the advanced control board inside. To avoid disappointment ensure your batteries are discharged and freshly charged before use. This is known as ‘cycling’ your batteries. This technique also improves battery performance by promoting battery life and memory.

* This product requires a 9.6v or 11.1v battery to operate. Lower voltage batteries will not be recognised by the ETU.