G&G GPM92 Pistol Hunter Green with Hard Case

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G&G GPM92 Pistol Hunter Green with Hard Case

The replica is characterized by perfect workmanship and fitting of the elements . The slide and the skeleton of the replica are made of metal. The model, caliber and manufacturer markings are placed on the body and the pistol lock. The replica is equipped with an under-barrel RIS rail that enables the attachment of additional equipment, such as a laser target pointer or a flashlight. At the magazine socket there is also a lanyard attachment for small arms. The set also includes a gas magazine made of metal. Everything is packed in an elegant hardcase embossed with the manufacturer’s logo.

The interior of the replica features several interesting, unprecedented solutions . The first is a high-flow gas valve equipped with a microfilter responsible for passing perfectly selected amounts of gas only in the gaseous state – the rest remains in the storage. The use of this special valve is also to prevent uncontrolled gas leakage, thus improving the safety of using the replica. Another interesting solution is a specially designed cylinder valve equipped with blades that make it rotate around its axis. The gas that simultaneously turns the valve and dispenses the gas to launch the ball creates pressure that withdraws the lock.

The replica uses a revolutionary Hop-Up adjustment system located in the barrel. A special key in the form of a dummy 9mm bullet is used for adjustment.

Set contains:

– replica
– magazine
– Hop-Up adjustment key
– user manual
– speedloader
– transport case

• Velocity Feet Per Second (FPS): 280
• Length: 226mm
• Weight (with Magazine): 1016g
• Inner Barrel Length: 116.5mm
• Thread Type: 12mm CCW
• Rotary Valve System
• Metal Body
• Attachment Rail
• Lanyard Loop
• Removable Thread Adaptor
• Ergonomic Grip Improves Comfort & Hold
• Front & Rear Sights for Easy Targeting
• Ambidextrous Safety
• Integrated Accessory Rail
• 12mm CW Thread
• Adjustable Hop
• Realistic Blowback

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