Ghillie Suit 4-Piece Camouflage Woodland Sniper

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These airsoft ghillie suits are the ultimate in modern sniper camo gear. This full set is perfect for remaining undetected when you’ve found a great position in Airsoft.

These sets are fire-retardant, and come as a full, 4-piece set. They weigh just over 1.5 kg and come in a small carry bag, making the suits easily portable and storable.

Product Information

– Camouflage Airsoft Sniper Ghillie Suit / Woodland
– Synthetic fiber (fire retardant, mildew resistant, moisture resistant)
– Large quantity of dyed, fire-retardant, camouflage fibers sewn to suit
– Elastic and Drawstring in Trouser Waist
– Elastic Waist and Cuff in Jacket
– Easy Snap Closure on Jacket
– Adjustable Chin strap in Hood
– Chest size :42″-48″
– Waist size:32″-38″

Material : Synthetic Fiber
Package : 1 x Jacket , 1x trouser, 1x head cover , 1 x rifle cover , 1 x carry bag