GHK M4 Mk18 Mod1 GBBR Gas Blow Back


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GHK M4 Mk18 Mod1 GBBR Gas Blow Back

The GHK MK18 MOD1 GBBR is a faithful replication of the same model fielded by the many special operators. The gun is a fully licensed product so you will get authentic markings. The gas system is superb and the felt recoil is extremely satisfying. GHK has always done exceptional work in regards to their gas system and quality of their gun and this one is no exception. The over all lighter weight when compared with other models on the market makes this gun a great shooter and lighter magazines make it much easier to carry multiple at once.

Taking advantage of the latest gas system from GHK the gun is expected to be able to perform very well and not eat up a ton of gas.

The M4 carbine and M16 are not ideally suited for all missions, so it was proposed that the modularity of the M16 series would allow a user to replace the upper receiver of an existing weapon with one more suitable to the task. One of two proposed special mission receivers that were planned for inclusion into the SOPMOD Block II kit, the CQBR has taken off on its own. Like the proposed Special Purpose Receiver, the Close Quarters Battle Receiver has been more or less taken on by the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (often referred to as NSWC-Crane or just “Crane”) as its own project following the CQBR’s removal from the SOPMOD program. Just as the Special Purpose Receiver morphed into the Special Purpose Rifle, and was type-classified as Mk 12 Mod 0/1, the complete CQBR-equipped carbine has been type-classified as the Mk 18 Mod 0, or the Mk 18 Mod 1 with a sightless gas block and full-length accessory rail kit.

● New HOP-UP system, ver 6.0 new hammer, and stable bolt lock.
● Steel made bolt carrier & fishbone rail (FDE color).
● The main receiver is made of aluminum die-casting, which is high precision, high stability and good strength.
● The stock is stronger and not easily broken.
● The bolt is adopted by impact-resistant material with a German made connect spring. It is flexible, not easy to break, but easy removal and maintenance; which is also save gas for high airtight characteristic.
● The barrel has very detailed heat sink pattern, which is provided by Montblanc’s OEM manufacturer. Steel thin-walled, light weight, and hollow center, the whole process of producing barrel is almost the same level as real gun.
● The inner barrel is a precision one with 6.03mm.
● Nitrided manganese phosphate as surface treatment, which has double cost compared to manganese. This makes the product no rust, and won’t scratched.
● The gas consumption of M4 magazine is larger than G5’s mag. M4 magazine can shooting 1 and half mag a time in auto mode; 2 to 3 mags in semi mode.

Weight: 2,346 g
Length: 695 mm
Capacity: 30 rds
Power: approx 350 fps (dependant on temp and gas used)
Power Source: Green Gas / Top Gas

GHK M4 GBBR Gas Magazine

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