WE HPA Adaptor Valve for Gas Magazine


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WE HPA Magazine Valves

Convert any WE Airsoft gas magazine (pistols and rifles) to run on HPA providing your fill valve is not covered when in the weapon. The WE HPA Valves replace the standard gas mag valve with a QD connector for a HPA tank, it’s perfect for situations where running gas isn’t always practical. Having a HPA setup for your GBB rifle or pistol will provide increased consistency, accuracy, ease of cleaning, and the opportunity to play in situations where gas doesn’t always perform the way you want it to.


Quickly convert your Gas Blowback Gun into a HPA airsoft gun!
Can be easily removed and put back to normal
Use HPA instead Green Gas (No more Gas Cooldown)
More consistant shots
Quick and Easy installation
Magazines can always be returned to their original state

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