KWC/Cybergun GBB CO2 Colt 1911 Rail Gun M45A1 (Tan)

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KWC/Cybergun GBB CO2 Colt 1911 Rail Gun M45A1 (Tan)

The 1911 Rail Gun is a fantastic series of pistols from KWC & Cybergun, featuring authentic Colt Trademarks, which Cybergun have the exclusive license for. They are almost completely constructed out of metal, meaning they are weighty in the hand and very realistic. Powered by CO2 means it will pack a punch all year round without freezing up.

The M45A1, similar to the M1911 platform, is popular and common that its usage is well known and practiced by many players and easy to find holsters for and the pistol is all metal for great weight and feel. This replica is well put together and can compete with a lot of GBB pistols on the market to date, and all the control latches and such are crisp and secure.

The 16+1 round magazine feeds 6mm BBs and takes a 12g CO2 capsule for power; the capsule gives the weapon a VERY hard and loud crack when firing, a strong cycle action and clocks 0.2g BBs at 390-400 FPS. Adjustable hop-up gives distance!

The slide catch is functional and locks the slide when the weapon fires empty; the magazine release, trigger, slide safety and grip safety are all properly function just like other replica M45A1s and indeed the real thing as well. And the most amazing part is that Cybergun replica is able to fit a 12g CO2 powerlet completely inside this single stack grip with NO PROTRUSION in the form of an extended magazine. They were able to maintain the flush magazine base with the grip, something we’ve seen a lot of GBB pistols do these days.

An all metal pistol that cycles very hard, shoots well and handles great is a steal at a fraction of the cost of high end replicas. For those of you living in countries where green gas is hard to get or is banned (e.g. Sweden and Finland), then this gun is good news since it uses CO2 and won’t be a problem! The high compression also means that it works well in cooler temperatures!

–Velocity Feet Per Second (FPS): 330
—Length: 220mm
–Weight (with Magazine): 900g
—Thread Type: 12mm CW
–Metal Construction
—Very Weighty & Realistic
–Authentic COLT Markings
—CO2 Blowback Pistol – Great for colder months!
–Front Rail
—White Dot Highlighted Iron Sights
–Adjustable Hop-Up
—Lanyard Point
–Plastic Grips
—Grip Safety
–Slide Lock/Hammer Safety