MPX Gas Blowback Rifle 8″ M-Lok Black AA/APFG



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MPX Gas Blowback Rifle 8" M-Lok Black AA/APFG £599.99 £554.99

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MPX Gas Blowback Rifle 8″ M-Lok Black AA/APFG
£599.99 £554.99
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MPX Gas Blowback Rifle 8″ M-Lok Black AA/APFG

Introducing the striking Black AA/APFG MPX Gas Blowback Rifle – the go-to weapon for serious Airsofters who demand the best in accuracy and performance. This gun is an agile and durable ally in the field, thanks to its construction from a combination of strong Nylon and Metal.

This gun is designed to be compatible with the APFG MPX Gas Blowback GBB SMG gun Series, allowing you unprecedented versatility. With a 30-round magazine, you won’t have to worry about taking a break from the action too often to reload.

You may have faith in the AA/APFG MPX’s precision and high quality because it is manufactured in Taiwan, a country well-known for its Airsoft workmanship. Its small size—350 mm in total length with a 90 mm inner barrel—ensures precise control and accuracy, especially in confined areas.

With three distinct firing modes—Semi Auto, Full Auto, and Safety—you can tailor your shooting experience to your liking. In addition, you may achieve unmatched precision on the field by fine-tuning your shots with the adjustable Hop-Up system.

The AA/APFG MPX is a powerful airsoft weapon that complies with all applicable rules and has a muzzle velocity of around 310 fps (+/- 10%).

Take your Airsoft game to the next level with the AA/APFG MPX Gas Blowback Rifle – a weapon that combines style with substance, power and precision, putting victory in your hands. Use this remarkable Airsoft engineering to take control of the battlefield and dominate like never before. Put an order in now to see the difference for yourself.


  • Material: Metal and Nylon Plastic
  • Build Material : Aluminium Alloy / Fiber Polymer
  • Magazine Capacity : 30 Rounds ( 6mm BB Bullets )
  • System : Gas Blowback
  • Firing Mode : Semi Auto / Full Auto / Safety
  • Hop-Up : Adjustable
  • Muzzle Velocity : Approx. / 320fps ( +/- 10% )
  • Weight: 2500g
  • Colour: Black
  • Compatibility: APFG MPX Gas Blowback GBB SMG Magazine