Nuprol Bocca Tracer Unit – Tan


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Nuprol Bocca Tracer Unit – Tan (14mm) Silencer

Metal silencer with a Tracer unit

Suppressor with a tracer unit illuminating the pellets, 190mm in length and 35mm in diameter. Tracer type fluorescent BBs are required for the suppressor to work effectively.

Suppressor features a counter-clockwise 14mm thread. Works with guns firing upto 35 BB/Sec.

This tracer unit takes 4 x AAA batteries (not supplied)

Please note that Tracer BBs are required for this unit to operate and it will not work with standard BBs

Made of: metal
Dimensions: 190 / 35mm
Weight: 200g
Tan Colour
Thread: left-handed 14mm
Manufacturer: Nuprol

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