Tokyo Marui AA-12 Full Auto Shotgun



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Tokyo Marui AA-12 Full Auto Shotgun

The Auto Assault-12 (AA-12), originally designed and known as the Atchisson Assault Shotgun. Tokyo Marui airsoft version is the first AEG tri-shot full auto shotgun with integrated FET for flawless performance.

This Marui AA-12 Shotgun is the first Airsoft Automatic Electric Shotgun (AES) in the world. Polymer Housing & Metal inner frame strong body Construction, With 90 Rounds Magazine, Each shot can shot out 3 rounds 6mm BB Bullet from 3 barrels, Semi & Fully Automatic shooting (30 Rounds BB shots per second) Mode, Each barrel has an individually adjustable hop so you can control the spread. The internals are some new coating process that’s supposed to be better than alumite, FET already installed. Everything inside is newly designed, including the motor.

Semi & Fully Automatic Shooting Mode
Polymer Housing & Metal inner frame Construction
Metal Trigger & Fire Selector, Metal Front & Rear Sight, Metal Barrel
Equipped with fully new “3 Cylinder Mechabox”.
3 round fire from 3 barrels. Adjust hop-up individually.
FET (Electronic Switch Method) is newly adopted to lessen damage of the switch.
Kashima-coat of alumite is used for nozzle guide. This makes nozzle motion and 3 shots supply smoothly.
Polymer Housing 90 Rounds Magazine (3 seconds can be shot by full automatic mode)

Product Details:

  • Gun Length 839 mm
  • Gun Height 300 mm
  • Gun Weight with empty mag: 4200g
  • Power source: Mini S Battery (not included)
  • Ammo source: 6mm BBs
  • Fire mode: 3x semi and full-auto
  • Mag. capacity 93 rounds