Tokyo Marui Recoil DEVGRU TM416D Custom


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Tokyo Marui DEVGRU TM416D Custom Next Gen Recoil

The TM416 DEVGRU (Seal Team) is based on an assault rifle customised by the US special forces Seal team. It uses the AR-15 platform, originally conceived as an improvement to the Colt M4 carbine family issued to the U.S. military.

This Rifle Receiver, Outer barrel, stock buffer tube as well as a lot of other parts are constructed out of steel. The barrel is a full float barrel without any contact with the handguard for much better stability. The fire selector is ambidextrous, the trigger guard is removable.

With 82 Rounds Steel Housing  Magazine (This mag fits other Tokyo Marui Next Gen M4s), The “recoil shock” system supplies a powerful and impressive recoil and copies the bolt movement every shot. The weapon is furnished with a system that stops it firing once the mag is empty to enhance reality as well as functions of the replica.

This is about as close to the real rifle as you can get with an Airsoft Gun – with the Devgru, Tokyo Marui have taken Airsoft replicas to a whole new level.

Tokyo Marui TM416 Next Gen 82rnd Magazines Here
Tokyo Marui TM416 520rnd Magazines Here
Tokyo Marui Sopmod Battery Here
ET1 Lipo Battery Conversion Connector Here

Tokyo Marui M4/416/417 Next Gen Deans conversion Here

Please be aware that this product does not come with original manufacturer trade marks. These are removed by the supplier before import into the UK.  If you want a rifle with these trademarks please check out the official Umarex HK416.

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