Tokyo Marui Recoil M4A1 SOPMOD CQB-R

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Tokyo Marui

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Tokyo Marui Recoil M4A1 SOPMOD CQB-R Tokyo Marui’s Recoil range of AEG’s are considered to be the very best rifles on the market today. Every time you fire the rifle you’ll feel a short snap of the weapons simulated recoil engine. When the magazine is empty the rifle will stop firing to simulate the lack of rounds in the chamber and when you insert a fresh magazine the bolt catch must be applied to continue firing. This creates one of the most realistic functioning AEG’s on the market today. The range and accuracy of these guns is also renowned for being the best out of the box. Based on the model widely used by special forces around the world and made famous by the US Navy Special Forces SEALs, this is about as close to the real rifle as you can get with an Airsoft Gun – with the M4A1 SOPMOD CQB-R, Tokyo Marui have taken Airsoft replicas to a whole new level. Details – – Full Length – 705 mm / 780 mm (at the time of stock extension) – Power – 300 FPS (approx) – Inner Barrel Length – 275 mm – Weight – 3,370 g (including empty magazine and battery) – Ammo Type – 6 mm BB (0.2 to 0.28 g) – Power Source – 8.4 V Nickel hydrogen 1300 mAh SOPMOD battery – Ammo Capacity – 82 shots – Model Name – CQB-R – Type – Assault rifle Tokyo Marui Next Gen 82rnd Magazines Here Tokyo Marui 520rnd Magazines Here Tokyo Marui Sopmod Battery Here ET1 Lipo Battery Conversion Connector Here