Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec Sniper Rifle

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Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec Sniper Rifle

This fantastic airsoft sniper rifle delivers great accuracy for a very economical price.

After the success of the standard TM VSR-10, Marui released this third variant of VSR series to much acclaim from players across the world. To start with the new features, the outer barrel has been shortened and silencer attachment threads have been installed to allow installation of silencer without modification part.

Bolt-action handle is the much-mentioned ‘G-SPEC’ standard and has been designed to allow faster reloading time. Another major change is the trigger, which has been lengthened and repositioned more towards the front. A standard Tokyo Marui VSR mount base is included and sling swivels are issued as standard.

The ‘G-SPEC Silencer’ fits straight to the barrel threads and muffles the already quiet VSR-10 to the point that it is almost impossible to hear in most gaming situations. This is nice addition to the package and certainly helpful for any beginner airsoft sniper.

When it comes to the practical performance you can shoot effectively up to 40 meters in stock condition and with a wide range of ready available upgrades this can be soon improved.

The VSR-10 G-Spec VSR-10 is itself very lightweight rifle and if you are all for practical performance and best bang for buck then Marui VSR-10 series cannot be overlooked.

* Affordable
* Full Set
* Silencer is big bonus to already quiet rifle
* Reasonably accurate in stock condition
* Easily adjustable trigger and hop up

– Adjustable Hop-Up
– 1923 Grams in Weight
– 1135mm in Length
– 30 Round Magazines
– Spring Powered
– Single Fire
– Realistic Bolt Action
– High Quality Finish (only the best from TM Airsoft)
– Full Metal Cocking System
– Full Metal Barrel
– 303mm Barrel Length
– Power: approx 300 FPS
– Bolt Action

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