Umarex H&K UMP Sportline Airsoft Gun


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Umarex Heckler & Koch UMP Sportsline METAL GEARBOX FULL-AUTO

The Umarex UMP 45 Airsoft rifle is a terrific way to dominate the Airsoft CQB (Close Quarter Battlefield). On the surface the weapon is built of tough polymer like the real weapon making it simple as well as light in weight to take care of while the internals are top grade high quality airsoft components with a full a metal gearbox.
This is the only formally licensed H&K UMP in the airsoft market and stays faithful to the real H&K UMP – Externally you’ll find a folding stock, top rail and also railed hand guard for extra devices.

The UMP (Universal Machine Pistol) was developed in the 1990s and also first showed up in 1999, the idea behind the UMP was to produce a lightweight as well as powerful sub-machine gun and also was made to utilize.45 ACP and .40 SW caliber rounds and after that later on the 9mm.
The UMP has a whole lot of ambidextrous attributes such as the fire selector and magazine launch. The charging handle is not functional on this model, the replica screw need to be pulled back manually to expose the hop up. The internals of this weapon are totally built of steel.

The Umarex H&K UMP AEG Airsoft Gun is the perfect weapon to fill a long standing space in the airsoft market, budget-friendly fully licenced airsoft guns. The officially licensed Heckler & Koch trade marks add an extra realistic finishing touch that most other airsoft guns at its price point simply don’t have.
Umarex is providing this weapon a ready-to-play bundle, with a high cap 420 round magazine included.

– Sportline variation.
– Side folding stock
– 20mm RIS rails for accessories


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