5 Tips for Getting Into Airsoft

Get involved with airsoft today! There’s never been a better time. To help you prioritise, we’ve put together this quick list of tips on what’s important when getting into this awesome hobby. We hope it helps.

  1. Buy a decent airsoft gun. You do not need to buy the £500 guns. Although they are very good guns, if you’re just starting out, find a decent gun for maybe £100 to £150. Try to stick with the guns above £100; you really do get what you pay for.  Similarly, theres no need to pay hundreds for a genuine EoTech sight/scope when you start out, many players just use the iron sights with great effect and for the range airsoft weapons reach there is no harm in just using a cheap budget scope or EoTech replica which can be had for around £50.  Vortex Optics provide a good middle ground and also offer a lifetime warranty.
  2. Know what FPS means: Feet per Second. FPS is simply how fast your airsoft guns’ bbs fire when you shoot them. With a good gun, you can fire 225 to 350 FPS. If your gun is above that, you will need to check with the skirmish site you are attending. Also, the barrel length matters too. If the barrel is longer, it will be more accurate. So balance a high FPS and barrel length with the kind of gun you are looking for.
  3. You need an airsoft gun that will suit you. Buy a full auto AEG, if you like to pull the trigger and hold it for minute. It also has to have a large clip or bb capacity. If you like to shoot from a distance, get a sniper rifle. You can find many other types of guns, made for different people, get the one that really fits you. But whatever you do don’t forget a pistol! They always come in handy in any scenario.
  4. Buy some airsoft gear: you will need it. Just find some sweat shirts or camo pants. Get some Goggles too – you only get one pair of eyes so make sure you protect them! You can alternatively get a full face mask. Avoid wearing any reflective or shiny things! Put on your boots always. And whatever you do, don’t forget stocking up on the ammo! Trust me, you’ll use it.
  5. Have fun, learn more and improve! Don’t be afraid to upgrade & try new items as you advance. But don’t forget to enjoy it!


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