airsoft guns

Types of Airsoft Guns

Most Airsoft guns look exactly like their real world counterparts. Airsoft Uzis look like real Uzis, Airsoft Glocks look like real Glocks. This adds to the fun of Airsoft – compared to paintball with a weird tank sticking out of the top, the guns look great!

There are three different types of Airsoft Guns: Springer, electric and gas guns.

Gas Guns

Green GasGas guns tend to be hand guns (airsoft pistols) or sub machine guns (SMG’s), though there are other varieties of airsoft gun that use gas. There are two types of pressurised gas, being HFC134a and HFC22. HFC22 provides more power and it is therefore important to make sure that if you do use it, your Airsoft gun can take the extra pressure, otherwise you’ll blow the seals rendering your gun useless. HFC134a being the standard gas is suitable for most Airsoft gas guns.

Electric Guns

Airsoft Electric Gunsbattery, or AEGs, are battery powered. Using an electric motor and gearbox to fire the ball bearing and are highly modifiable. These are fully capable of automatic firing so you can spray and pray. These are generally more expensive than the other types of gun and have a higher chance of failure due to complex parts, but these are the most common in use, especially in rifle form.


sniperSpringers were the first Airsoft guns to come out but due to advances with the other types, are becoming obsolete.

The main type of springer still in use is the sniper rifle.



6mm bbsPellets, 6mm ball bearings, or BBs for short, come in many different weights having different effects on the power, range, accuracy and trajectory of the shot.