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Attention all airsoft newbies! Defcon Airsoft is happy to announce our latest offer: FREE Two Tone Paint jobs on Airsoft Replicas!

Are you a beginner looking to dive into the awesome world of airsoft? Look no further! Our two-tone paint option is perfect for newcomers who don’t yet have a valid defence.

Don’t even know what a ‘Valid Defence’ is?… then please step this way and read on for the full lowdown on how to buy an airsoft gun.

What is a Two Tone Airsoft Gun?

Two-tone Airsoft guns are factory- or retailer-finished airsoft guns in vivid, unrealistic colours. Two-tone Airsoft guns allowed new skirmishers to buy a gun before joining a skirmish site or UKARA to avoid punishment under the Violent Crime Reduction Act (2006).

The VCRA defines an imitation firearm (ie most airsoft guns) as one that is NOT unrealistic in size, colour, or a reproduction of a firearm created before 1870.

This means Airsofters’ VCRA-compliant replicas must have over 51% of their surface area painted in a ‘unrealistic’ colour for purchase without a defence such as UKARA.

This is why two-tone exists. Using a ‘unrealistic’ hue on a replica gun would allow the public to spot it from afar.
This obviously doesnt mean you can openly carry your Two-Tone in public, as this is still illegal. The police will treat the Two-Tone gun as a real firearm regardless of colour, send in their real guns and you will end up two toned with lots of red holes in you!

If you wish to purchase an airsoft gun without being a member of a registered club or society, it must be a two-tone gun.

How to Choose a Two-Tone Airsoft Gun?

Your purpose is the most significant factor when picking two-tone airsoft BB guns.

Are you seeking for a sidearm or main weapon for battle? Although both have benefits, it boils down to personal preference.

After choosing your weapon, consider your budget. Choose a two-tone airsoft gun that meets your budget from a broad selection.

Airsoft Rifles, Shotguns, and Sniper Rifles

We sell a wide range of airsoft weapons, including assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, replica firearms, support weapons, ammo, gas and pellets.

What are Pre-Toned Airsoft Guns?

A pre-toned airsoft gun has been two-toned by the manufacturer, not us or another reseller.

The airsoft retailer’s two-tone gun order wait time is reduced.

Check out our Pre-Toned Guns here

Defcon Airsoft provides a complete two-tone service. After choosing an airsoft gun, you can choose to add the ‘Two Tone’ option at checkout. Even tough the gun will be two tone we will still need proof of age as you must be over 18 to purchase these.  Two tone guns are also classed as a custom option and refunds are not allowed if you simply change your mind, if the item is faulty we would of cours repair and return it at our cost however.

What’s UKARA?

UKARA is the UK Airsoft Retailers Association. A non-profit organisation, they promote airsoft in the UK.

UKARA membership is required to acquire non two tone airsoft guns. Playing at a registered site three times within  no less than 3 months is typical.

Once you’re in the UKARA database, you can buy any airsoft gun without the need for Two Tone.

Visit the UKARA website to learn more.

Please contact our team with any two tone service questions!

For more info please check out our FAQ and Purchasing Guide

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to save a few quid with Defcon Airsoft – check out our website today and gear up for epic battles ahead.