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🔵 FREE Two Tone Paint for Beginners 🎨

Attention all airsoft newbies! Defcon Airsoft is happy to announce our latest offer: FREE Two Tone Paint jobs on Airsoft Replicas! Are you a beginner looking to dive into the awesome world of airsoft? Look no further! Our two-tone paint option is perfect for newcomers who don’t yet have a valid defence. Don’t even know […]

The Umarex GLOCK is back in STOCK!

🧦 What rhymes with SOCK, is back in STOCK, and will make your next game ROCK? 🤔 Sorry for the riddles and stupid pictures but we’ve had an Umarex delivery and Facebook have been giving us (and all airsoft stores) a hard time so we’ve been getting in the habit of avoiding naming and showing […]

Spyderco Knives: A Web of Innovation

Once upon a time in the world of cutlery, an extraordinary story happened that would permanently alter the way humans interacted with blades. Spyderco is the story of a brand that spun a web of invention that enthralled the knife community. Sal Glesser was an imaginative mind looking for a purpose in the beginning. He […]