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The latest airsoft guns from the leading airsoft brands and manufacturers – There’s something to suit every player at Defcon Airsoft!

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Showing 37–72 of 2019 results

Defcon Airsoft is an established UK airsoft shop based in the Midlands offering a wide range of products and priding ourselves on our excellent customer service and a no-nonsense approach to support and aftercare. We aim to keep a wide range of the most popular airsoft guns and equipment in store but if there is anything, in particular, you are after please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will aim to get you the best price in the UK.

Located in Stoke-on-Trent, midway between Manchester and Birmingham, we are easy to get to from junction 15 of the M6.

We have stock from all of the major manufacturers including the popular  Tokyo Marui.

The popularity of Airsoft in the UK is growing at an increasing rate and by providing top notch customer service and highly competitive prices we aim to continue growing with it. We thank all our customers past and present for helping us get where we are today and if you haven’t shopped with us before we welcome you aboard and hope we can fulfil all your airsoft needs.

New and looking for an airsoft gun?

If you are new to the activity or have come here to buy your first airsoft gun then the first thing to consider is an airsoft gun tends to get confused with an air gun, so a right place to start is to understand the differences between the two.

  • An air gun shoots by using compressed gas, unlike a regular gun that produces gas as it burns powder in order for the bullet to be fired.
  • An air gun can be quite dangerous and is even used to hunt small animals. Air guns shoot pellets which can either be lead, lead alloy, tin or plastic.
  • Pellet guns are a type of air gun and are usually used for getting rid of pests like rats or shooting practice.
  • BB guns are also a type of air gun that shoot metal pellets, but they don’t have a long range. They are mistakenly confused for airsoft guns or paintball guns which is incorrect.
  • Airsoft is a sport and airsoft guns are used in this sport. Airsoft guns can be powered in three different ways. This sport is played much like paintball but the pellets from airsoft guns don’t have paint. Airsoft gun bullets tend to be 6mm and plastic.
  • Air guns are the most powerful amongst these four guns and none of these guns apart from airsoft and BB should be used for sport.

Airsoft Guns Types Available To Buy

There are three main types of airsoft guns; spring airsoft guns, gas powered airsoft guns and electric airsoft guns.

Spring airsoft guns have a spring that’s used to launch the projectile. The downside is that you have to repeatedly cock the gun after every shot which slows down the number of shots you make in succession and could make you an easy target in a game of airsoft. The upside is they are the most reliable type of airsoft gun and they are cheap and easy to use.

A gas-powered air-soft gun works best as a sidearm. These are the most realistic amongst the three but unfortunately since they are powered by gas, the gas only lasts as long as the clip. They are mostly semi-automatic but you can get automatic.

You can also buy gas powered guns that have a blowback effect which tries to replicate the effect of shooting a real weapon.

Electric airsoft guns use batteries to operate and the batteries typically need recharging before every game. They have the greatest rate of fire amongst the three types of airsoft guns and they have two shooting options; automatic or semi-automatic. These guns tend to be the most accurate and the priciest.

When comparing a gas powered gun to an electric powered gun, remember that you can quickly refill the gas but with an electric gun, once the battery dies, you would have to charge the battery for three hours, unless you have an extra battery.

Airsoft Guns UK players are what we are passionate about and want to continue to grow and support the UK airsoft scene for many years to come.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions you would like answering.