Cyma CM351 (M870 Breacher) Pump Action Shotgun


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Shooting 3 BBs at a time these Cyma breachers are fantastic value for money shotguns. This gun has 3 individual chambers with 3 specific inner barrels to pack an extra special punch! This is a direct duplicate of the Tokyo Marui Shotgun system yet at a fraction of the cost.

Includes 1 shell & speed loader.
Cyma CM351 ( M870 Breacher ) Pump Action Shotgun has 3 inner barrels. This enables for shooting 3 BBs at once, which results in higher hit rate on the battlefield. A 6mm BB is loaded into a replica shotgun cartridge holding 30 BBs, which is in turn put in the chamber of the gun.

Particular components of the replica have been extremely well fitted. Parts made from ZnAl include: inner barrel, hold slide, covering ejection flap, tactical sling swivels, barrel clasp, bullet chamber flap. Other parts such as gun grasp, body, moving forearm handle were made from resilient polymer.

The moving lower arm is extremely comfy in use as a result of anti-slip texture and the guns action is really smooth– after a little training one could provide steady as well as fast fire.

A safety switch lie right alongside the trigger, which makes their use extremely fast. CM351 has no stock, which makes it an ultra small device for CQB in tighter spaces.

The gun works with 30 BB shells from other manufacturers, such as: GFC Guns and also Double Eagle.

The set includes:

1 x shell cartridge
A cleaning rod

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