G&G CO2/Gas GM1903 A3 Springfield (Real Wood)



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G&G CO2/Gas GM1903 A3 Springfield (Real Wood)

This rifle is a work of art, beautifully constructed and almost too nice to skirmish with! The GM1903 A3 is a great catch for military history buffs, re-enactors or historical airsoft lovers. The rifle is based on M1903 A3 Springfield rifle, which entered service in 1903 and was widely used during World War I.

The GM1903 A3 rifle replica, manufactured by G&G, belongs to GT Advanced line – a series of the highest quality replicas for most demanding users. The product is exceptionally well made, there are no loose parts and there is no way in loosing or breaking any elements.

The replicas stock is made from natural wood. The stock ends with metal butt plate. Rest of the replica is made from homogenous zinc and aluminum alloy. Some parts like ferrules, receiver with charging handle and sling swivels are made from steel. The receiver can be dismantled in few moments, the replica also features fully adjustable metal iron sights.

Thanks to use of high quality external parts and good fitting by the G&G designers, the mechanism is smooth and reloading is easy. Air-tight gas mechanism produces muzzle velocity of ~480 FPS straightly out of the box. The replica is powered by 8g CO2 capsules. It will be effective on airsoft battlefield thanks to 577 long inner barrel. The receiver features functional safety, also there is no possibility to shoot the replica when the magazine has no pellets.

The rifle comes with 2 CO2 metal magazines, each holding 9 pellets.

Key Features

Real Wood Body
Metal Barrel & Bolt Mechanism
x3 Sling Loops
Traditional Bayonet Attachment
One Rifle Two Systems – Can take gas or CO2 magazines!
CO2 Mags Require 8g CO2 Capsules


Length: 1115mm
Weight (with Magazine): 3500g
Inner Barrel Length: 577mm