LCT Tactical AK47 Electric Blow Back Rifle LCK-AK47-12-EBB



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LCT Tactical AK47 Electric Blow Back Rifle LCK-AK47-12-EBB

LCT is well-known for their high-quality, lifelike stamped steel firearms, especially their AK and G3 series rifles; this AK-12 is, in our opinion, their finest creation to date. The tremendous durability, weight, and lifelikeness that stamped steel parts provide make this copy second to none. The matt coating on the polymer components of this weapon makes them look and feel authentic. For any fan of the current AK or collector of Russian firearms, this rifle is an absolute must-have.

  • Steel construction
  • Side folding stock
  • Authentic replica
  • New electric blowback version
Colour Black
Brand LCT
EAN 4712960036956
Length (mm) 860 – 945
Weight (g) 4100
Fire Modes Safe / Semi / Full-Auto
Barrel Length (mm) 435
Barrel Bore (mm) 6.05
Rails N/A
Approx. FPS 312 – 344
Main Materials Steel Receiver
Included (x1) LCK-12-EBB
(x1) 130R Magazines
Compatible Magazines LCT-PK-121 – LCK47 70R Metal Magazine
LCT-PK-248 – LCK47 130R Metal Magazine
LCT-PK-107 – LCK47 600R Metal Magazine
LCT-PK-134 – LCK74 70R Magazine (BK)
LCT-PK-250 – LCK74 130R Magazine (BK)
LCT-PK-111 – LCK74 450R Magazine (BK)
LCT-PK-135 – LCK74 70R Magazine (OR)
LCT-PK-249 – LCK74 130R Magazine (OR)
LCT-PK-109 – LCK74 450R Magazine (OR)
LCT-PK-270 – LCK74 70R Magazine (Plum)
LCT-PK-271 – LCK74 130R Magazine (Plum)
LCT-PK-272 – LCK74 450R Magazine (Plum)
LCT-PK-359 – LCK-15 130R Magazine (BK)
LCT-PK-253 – LCKM 70R Magazine (OR)
LCT-PK-254 – LCKM 600R Magazine (OR)
LCT-PK-252 – LCKM 130R Magazine (OR)
LCT-PK-352 – LCK-12-K16 130R Magazine (BK)LCT-PK-403 – LCK-16 2000R Electric Winding Drum Magazine
LCT-PK-381 – RPK 2000R Full Metal Electric Winding Drum Magazine
Compatible Batteries / Gas Lipo 7.4V two-piece – Max size: 100x20x6 mm
Other Info/Specs Electric Blow-Back AEG
ROF Limited to 700 RPM
6mm Bearings
27500 RPM Motor
130R Magazine