Tokyo Marui FN 5-7 Airsoft GBB Pistol

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Tokyo Marui FN 5-7 Airsoft GBB Pistol

This modern classic from Tokyo Marui is based on the FN pistol released in the year 2000. The 5-7 or Five Seven uses the same ammunition as the famous P90. This is so realistic that it actually weighs the same as the real thing and probably kicks just as much! Distinctive and a great performer all round.

Length: 208 mm
Weight: 0.7400 kg
Magazine Capacity: 26
Muzzle Velocity: ~300 fps
Powered by: Gas
System: GBB
Major Colour: Black
Bullet Type: 6mm BB

WARNING! Use only low-pressure gas 144a. Using standard Green Gas can damage the replica mechanism. Nuprol 1.0 Low Power Gas is recommended.

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