Tokyo Marui PM5 SD6 NGRS Next Gen Recoil System EBB Airsoft SMG

Original price was: £589.99.Current price is: £564.99.



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Tokyo Marui PM5 SD6 NGRS Next Gen Recoil System EBB Airsoft SMG £589.99 Original price was: £589.99.£564.99Current price is: £564.99.

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Tokyo Marui PM5 SD6 NGRS Next Gen Recoil System EBB Airsoft SMG
£589.99 Original price was: £589.99.£564.99Current price is: £564.99.
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Contains a highly secure “M-SYSTEM” that use the FET (electronic trigger method), and which uses a microprocessor to thoroughly monitor and operate the FET, FC, battery, and motor. It supports the genuine lipo battery that will be produced in the future, supports semi, three burst, and full auto, improves trigger response, and relentlessly pursues realism in the design and usability.

Features: Includes a shoot-and-recoil engine.
The tremendous recoil produced inside the main body is communicated throughout the entire body when the trigger is pulled, which causes a weight of roughly 300g that mimics a bolt to operate at the same time as firing. Additionally, it has a bolt release mechanism that releases the auto stop by releasing the bolt handle and an auto stop system that stops firing when the magazine is empty. It is a paradigm that strives for operational and operability realities.

– Repeat three bursts.
Three-shot burst shooting, which shoots three bullets when the trigger is pushed, is totally replicated in addition to semi- and fully automatic firing. The selector, which can be moved to the left or right, is connected by an axis that extends through the mechanical box, resulting in a smooth rotation and a solid click.

– FET capability
utilising a FET (electronic switch) as opposed to a regular mechanical switch. When compared to mechanical switches, electronic switches have less current loss created at the contacts and have faster trigger response times that result in BB bullets being fired.

A recently created “M-SYSTEM” is one in which a microcomputer (MCU = microcontroller unit) fully monitors and regulates FETs, FC (Fire Control), batteries, and motors. In addition to monitoring data from 7 sensors and various voltages to change the shooting mode and regulate the motor’s spin, it also contains safety features like the ability to detect damage or irregularity in each location and halt operation. The system exists.

– Aiming for repeatability of appearance
Many metal components, including the upper receiver, have a texture-like powder coating applied to them. In addition, reinforced nylon resin that is similar to the original material is used to form the hand guard, lower receiver, butt plate, selector, and cocking lever.

– Suppressor
The gritty finish is replicated by the aluminium silencer. Firearm noise is decreased by internal sound-absorbing material. In addition, installing a muzzle option with a 14mm reverse screw standard is possible after removing the silencer.

– Increased stiffness in a number of locations
It is feasible to do the “HK slap,” or hitting the locked cocking lever back, by evaluating the cocking handle’s component arrangement and using reinforced nylon resin. The sliding retractable stock also features a redesigned build that increases rigidity and realism.

– Rear sight that is adjustable
With the accompanying rear sight adjustment tool, you can change the top and bottom of the landing on the drum-style rear sight, and you can use a Phillips screwdriver to modify the left and right of the landing. (*) There is no Phillips screwdriver included. Please get ready independently.

– 72 bullets in a realistic press-finished magazine. includes a magazine with an outer steel press case with all seams welded like the real thing. With other series of MP5 models, such as the electric gun standard type, magazine compatibility is incompatible.


  • Length: 600, 760 mm
  • Weight: 3.1800 kg
  • Magazine Capacity: 72
  • Muzzle Velocity: ~300 fps
  • Powered by: Battery
  • System: NGRS Electric
  • Major Colour: Black
  • Bullet Type: 6mm BB