Vorsk VP26X Silver BDS



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Vorsk VP26X Silver BDS £194.99 £124.99

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Vorsk VP26X Silver BDS
£194.99 £124.99
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Vorsk VP26X Silver BDS

One of VORSK Airsoft’s specialised GBB sidearms is the VP26X.

Unlike any other GBB pistol on the market, the VP26X’s side profile is accentuated by a frame-mounted Breacher that extends the pistol and barrel length and brings the 20 mm Mil-Spec rail flush with the muzzle. As is typical of VORSK GBB Pistols, the rear slide grips have deep engravings, and the slide has lost some weight thanks to the inclusion of three forward twin-vent apertures. With the Breacher on, the recoil sensation is amplified much more, thanks to the lighter slide. With regular GBB Pistols, the forward velocity of the slide is stopped solely by the locking pin. However, the VP26X Breacher adds a second point of contact, which greatly enhances the recoil experience.

The custom half-solid, half-wireframe hammer and the high-stippled polymer grip both have VORSK accents. A polymer bumper plate is included with the 21R magazine to safeguard its metal body. The VP26X has a De-Cocking lever that allows you to put the hammer back in its safe mode without discharging it.

Fiberoptic iron sights or Dot-Sights in three colours (black, grey, and tan) are available as sights. To accommodate users’ personal barrel attachments, the kit also comes with a 12 mm CW / 14 mm CCW thread adaptor. An additional option is the side-loading CO2 magazines.

The chamfered dual-action trigger is quite comfortable to use and allows you to cock the replica hammer and fire a single round with a single, lengthy draw.

There are a total of nineteen different VP26X models available, each with its own unique combination of colour and sight settings. Options for colour range include two metallics (silver and brushed aluminium) and three more “Tactical” finishes (black, grey, and tan), as well as a dual-tone blue option for airsoft training.

Colour Silver
EAN 5056444703842
Length (mm) 212
Weight (g) 940
Fire Modes Safe / Semi
Barrel Length (mm) 93.7
Barrel Bore (mm) 6.03
Rails 20 mm Accessory Rail
Approx. FPS 300
Main Materials Aluminium Ally / Polymer
Included (x1) VP26X
(x1) STD Gas VP26X Magazine Black – VGM-04-01
(x1) Extended 12 mm to 14 mm Thread Adaptor FLASH HIDER
(x1) Allen Key & Replacement Allen Key Bolts (Breacher Removal)
(x1) Barrel Bushing Tool
(x1) Spare Gas Nozzle
(x1) CO2 Spring
(x1) Manual
(x1) Exploded Parts Diagram
(x1) VORSK PVC Patch
Compatible Magazines VGM-04-02 – VORSK VP26 Series Gas Magazine
VGM-04-01 – VORSK VP26 Series CO2 Magazine
Compatible Batteries / Gas VCP-GAS-V6 – V6 GBB Fuel
VCP-GAS-V8 – V8 GBB Fuel
VCP-GAS-V12 – V12 GBB Fuel
Other Info/Specs *BDS takes (x1) CR2032 battery
8112 – NP CR2032 Battery 50 Pack